Important WordPress Developer Skills You Should Learn In 2020


If you are planning to create an impressive WordPress websites, you need to have knowledge of different types of technologies. So, let us find out what technical competencies you should possess to make effective WordPress websites.

Text Editor

To become a successful WordPress developer, you need to know specific tools and languages. To learn codes, you should select a text editor that fits well within your requirements. If you are a beginner level code learner, it is advised to use Notepad ++ that is very easy to learn, and convenient to use.

Web Factory is one of the popular WP plugin provider firms that help people develop their WordPress website easily, and efficiently. WP Reset tool is fully WP-CLI compatible and super-fast to use. Simply click on a WordPress installation, and you are ready to reset your website in a few seconds. It is a helpful tool for testing WP sites, and will help you in speeding up the overall development process.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

HTML is a very essential markup language that you need to know, in order to use WordPress for front-end creation of your website. This language tells you how you can create the different elements of a webpage such as text field, labels, buttons, header, footer, font, background, etc.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

Another important thing that you need to learn to become a successful WordPress developer is the cascaded stylesheet. It helps in controlling the manner in which the page elements appears on web pages. It won’t take more than a month’s time to learn this language.

Basic Photoshop

Photoshop is a highly desirable tool if you are working with websites. You also need to know basic Photoshop knowledge to convert your PSD files easily to HTML. Some of the highly used and important functions in Photoshop are Move tool, auto-select tool, and layer options.


If you wish to make dynamic webpages for your WordPress website, then you would need the knowledge of JavaScript. It is a type of programming language that is designed primarily for the web development. It is also called as the client-end language as it is rendered via the browser.

PHP (Hyper Text Preprocessor)

PHP is a server-side programming language that is useful for the backend creation of WordPress. For website developers who are using any other content management system than WordPress, can use other server-side programming languages such as Rubi, Python, and Pearl.

MySQL (Database)

If you wish to be a WordPress expert, then you need to learn about MySQL. Knowledge about this database management system is required to efficiently handle the backend of a website.


In order to build the best websites using WordPress, it is very important to have the above-mentioned skill set. It will help you not just in the building, but also troubleshooting the website issues by yourself.

You must also use important plugins like the Redirect WordPress, as it is important to retain the search rankings of existing pages while making changes on them.

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