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AWS is a platform that serves everything for everyone. AWS cloud is well equipped with all the hosting features that allow you to obtain and configure capacity information with minimal friction that can perfectly suit your business. AWS cloud provides you the infrastructure with lots of things that sometimes, gets a tough to handle.

If you are not a technical person but own a high traffic website then managing cloud infrastructure may get tedious work for you. But, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use the AWS cloud. In such a case, instead of buying AWS cloud directly from Amazon, you can buy it from MilesWeb. MilesWeb provides AWS managed services at free of cost with the cloud plan purchased.

Many people are confused that why they need to buy service from MilesWeb and not from AWS directly.

This is because, when you buy cloud services from Amazon directly, you get an un-managed service. That means, if further, any problem occurs, the company doesn’t take any responsibility to resolve the issue.

In case the problem is big, then you will have to wait for long hours to connect with their technical team, and the charges are asked more than the actual plan price. This is not a one-time cost; instead, you will have to pay each time you reach them with an issue. MilesWeb also offer shared hosting, cPanel and Plesk reseller hosting, cheap VPS hosting, DigitalOcean cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, etc.

On the other hand, when you buy the same AWS cloud from MilesWeb, you get free management round the clock. They have a dedicated AWS certified team that looks for your management work.

To deliver the better performance MilesWeb has servers located in different regions – Mumbai, Singapore, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Sydney, Montreal, Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, Seoul, Tokyo, and Ireland.

You can select the location during the sign-up process and get started.

If you already have the AWS cloud but only needs management, then still you can contact MilesWeb experts and they will always be happy to help you. Apply for data science course fee in hyderabad to learn more.

Or else, you can also get migrate to MilesWeb at any time.

MilesWeb has a team of experts that has years of experience in migrating thousands of websites effortlessly without any downtime. The team ensures that your website works flawlessly on MilesWeb’s AWS server. They take the responsibility of moving required files and databases from your old Amazon cloud provider to the new managed AWS cloud server offered by them.

The management team ensures that you can focus on work while they work for the backend process. You don’t need to keep them remind about any updates as they do it for you automatically. Servers are scanned on a daily basis to keep malware away, and if any bug is found, they fix it immediately before it affects your website.

What happens when you manage AWS cloud?

Now, let’s see how easy it is when you allow MilesWeb to manage your AWS cloud in a new way.

Isn’t it better than managing the huge infrastructure on your own?

Following are some benefits of AWS cloud for your business:

1) Saves Time –

All the server related tasks like patching, updates and other daily operations are managed by the experts. This saves your time of doing tasks manually.

2) AWS Certified Team –

A certified team of experts manages your AWS that makes server secure, powerful and hassle-free.

3) 24/7 AWS Support –

A dedicated team is associated to handle all your AWS related queries.

4) Server Monitoring –

The team takes the responsibility of keeping AWS server up and running to a topmost extent. Continuous monitoring of the traffic spikes, possible infections, and other issues is carried out.

5) Optimization and Growth –

To enhance the AWS services the performance, expenditure, and security are provided of top-notch quality.

6) Increases Productivity –

The team strives to provide the best products and customer support so that you can make profits from your primary business.

Cloud computing is not just a single element that can be handled easily with your business. Years of training and experience holders can manage such difficult tasks and owning a site doesn’t mean you needs to get trained for it. MilesWeb caters AWS deployment, provided free consultation and management that give you peace of mind assuring that your AWS is in safe hands.

Reasons to choose MilesWeb AWS cloud are:

  • It is affordable
  • It can be easily optimized
  • It provides high security
  • It is handled by experts

MilesWeb AWS supports all Windows and Linux/Unix operating systems.


AWS is considered as the full-fledged cloud solution that a business can have but, its management is not that easy. Either you need to have a separate technical support team that will handle the AWS for you. Or, just hire trusted AWS cloud partner like MilesWeb that manages your AWS allowing your business to work efficiently. Learn more at data science course fee in Bangalore

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