Make Good Use Of Internet Marketing Tools To Boost Your Marketing Results


Internet marketers (including SEO specialists, PPC marketers, online marketers, content strategists, social media marketers, influencers, community marketers, etc) should make good use of tools because they can get a lot of data insights to understand the target market (e.g. Hong Kong) they are working on.

Tool 1: Similarweb is a free and paid tool that estimates the total amount of monthly traffic to a website or any website (as long as it has previously gathered the data of the specific websites). Internet marketing professionals and SEO experts can use SimilarWeb to explore such data. The tool is able to break down the traffic by source (i.e. direct traffic, organic traffic, paid traffic, etc) and location (i.e. United States, Hong Kong, etc). Marketers (and HK local business owners) can see (from the reports) which websites are likely to be sending the most referral traffic to their websites.

Tool 2: For your niche, you will need to find out what keywords people search on Google and Yahoo when looking for the product. When your web pages are ranking high up or on the first page of Google and Yahoo, it enables your product to get more visibility from potential consumers who may be buying your product. With Google’s Keyword Planner, you can find such keywords. You will in fact use the keyword tool to build a list of keywords for your product and your brand/business. This keyword list will be implemented on your website through SEO – i.e. To optimize your website’s Google/Yahoo organic search rankings. Another use of it is to build paid search campaigns (such as Google Ads). When people search your keywords, your ads can show up as a text ad on top of all the Google’s organic results, above the fold of the user’s screen.

Tool 3: When you have an active website that is running, you should verify it with Google Search Console which is a webmaster tool officially provided by Google to webmasters and website owners. In the Search Console account, there is a bunch of reports, alerts, and messages. For example, you can view what queries people search on Google, and then arrive at your company website. You can filter them by locations i.e. Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Kingdom, etc. Moreover, Google Search Console shows you the crawl error messages detailing how Google would have failed to crawl some of your pages or tells you the errors you may have on your site in terms of SEO. You will get your SEO specialist/consultant and web developers to get these errors fixed.

Tool 4: Bing search engine has a similar webmaster tool. Sign up and verify your site. It is for benefiting your website with Yahoo Hong Kong.

Tool 5: You can quickly set up Google Analytics (GA) on your website. GA has been a free web analytics tool and is one that is mostly used web analytics in the world. Through GA’s reports, it can tell you information such as how many people are visiting your website, who the visitors are, and where the visitors have come from, whether they are from Hong Kong, or other regions or countries.

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