Does a dedicated server provide optimum security?


If you are running a website, especially a website that handles personal and financial information, it is a must to ensure optimum security. A dedicated server supplied by ensures that your site receives the kind of security it needs making it free from phishers and scammers.

The question is, how a dedicated server protects your site? Can it really protect your site? The thing is, if you are using a shared server, you might be sharing it with spammer and malicious site. If so and detected, your site will be in a bad light even if you are not doing anything wrong. It could tarnish your site’s reputation, which could eventually lead to banning your site. For website owners, this can really be painful. You can avoid these things from happening if you opt for a dedicated server.

How a dedicated server protect your site? 

If you opt for a dedicated server, your website will have a unique IP address. You will not be sharing the IP address with another site. With a dedicated unique IP address, your site won’t be affected by other site’s performance. In the case of shared hosting, you share the same IP address with other websites, and if one of those sites is known to be a source of spam, your SEO ranking will be negatively affected. There could be instances when your site will be blocked from search engines.

With a dedicated server, you can install the optimum level of security. It ensures that data are secured. Most importantly, it gives you total control over your site. In other words, if you want your site to be safe and secure and not affected by malicious acts of other websites, a dedicated server is the best way to go.

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