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Create an account on Moz. Confirm your account by email. You will then immediately see all external links that refer to your competitor. You can also see how the link is rated and the chance that the link will be seen as spam by Google.

Consider which external links may also be relevant to your own website. Then take the appropriate action to obtain the link. As you buy backlinks you can find the right deals here.

Make sure you are present on the relevant social media channels

Think about which social media channels your target group is present on and make sure you can be found there. Make sure you also regularly post new posts to keep the interest of your target audience.

The more interesting and influential people interact with you or share your content, the higher the ranking in Google. Google is not about the quantity of the interaction, but about the quality.

Google and Facebook

With Facebook, Google looks at the number of “Likes” and “Shares” of your page and / or messages. The authority of the people who “Like” and “Share” your page also plays a role.

Google and Twitter

Google pays attention to your followers and “Mentions” on Twitter and includes this in the ranking.

Publish your news on Google+

Google+ is Google’s social network and a lot less popular than Facebook or Linked-in. The big advantage of Google+ is that posts are indexed very quickly. Google appreciates that you use Google’s own social network channel. So use Google+ in your link building strategy. It has something to do with ‘not biting the hand that feeds you’.

Publish interesting content that people love to share

Think about which topics your target audience may find interesting. Then create content for this. Think manuals, tutorials, step-by-step plans, and lists with tips, infographics, presentations or e-books. The same applies here: write content with SEO friendly texts.

Post about this interesting content on the social media channels relevant to you. There is a good chance that your target audience will take a look at your website to read this interesting content or to share.

Put Linkbait on your website and report it on social media

Linkbait is content so unique that people find it fun or interesting to distribute it on a large scale. For example: 20 things you shouldn’t do to get higher in Google.

Get started as a guest blogger on a website that is popular in your field

It takes some time, that’s true. But if you manage to land the role of guest blogger, you will also get a lot in return. No one who doubts the authority you are in your field anymore. Plus that you have arranged a hell of an external link to your website.

Prepare press and news releases regularly (and share them on the appropriate websites)

There are several websites on which you can publish news messages and articles. Most important rule of thumb is: The harder it is to get your article published on a site, the more valuable the link. Avoid so-called article marketing websites. Anyone can post an article on such a website. The quality of the content is therefore often downright bad. In the video from Click Process it  is very clearly explained why link building via article marketing websites does not work.


You have now read about nine activities that you can add to your link building strategy for 2020. Want to know what else you can do about search engine optimization? Then view Your website found excellent by your target group.


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