Why do We Need Anonymizers?


While surfing the Internet (viewing Web sites), we leave a lot of information about ourselves on the Internet. So, each server saves the most detailed protocols of all our visits (the so-called logs) and knowing the visitor’s IP address, it is very easy to determine the country and city of residence, the name and browser parameters, the type of operating system, the current screen parameters, and the address (URL) the website where we were before and even our mailing address.

Also, you can read cookies on our hard drive and find out a lot of interesting things about us. In fact, our IP address is equal to the name and place of residence, and any data sent from a personal computer contains this IP address, which is assigned to us by the Internet provider. It is also easy to find out more detailed information about us using it since they are fixed in the contract for the provision of Internet access services. By the way, the phone number from which we dial up the modem pool in the case of a dial-up connection is also recorded by the provider. So, you can’t hide behind virtual names on the Internet.

However, the same provider or network administrator in the logs sees the addresses of the sites we visit and, if desired, can deny us access to them. And government agencies, in general, can block all foreign traffic, and there are such cases. For example, in Cuba, the Internet is limited to e-mail, and in China, you can open access to Facebook only using a foreign proxy, for example, a German proxy.

Fortunately, the Internet is still so open and diverse that there will be opposition for almost every action. So, anonymous proxy servers (anonymizers) from Fineproxy are successfully fighting the above problem.

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